pictures/4.png Kundalini Philosophy The Return of Health to the Body

The land on which we walk, the plants and animals, the clouds in the sky which continuously change shape - all the gifts of nature possess their radiant energy and all is in cosmic harmony. We have this energy too, which is called Kundalini. We must learn to feel this energy, then the whole universe will be open to us. Disease, grief and sadness will eventually disappear. We will simply understand ourselves thanks to this energy, because all the knowledge and wisdom inherent in all of us will be available. For this to happen we must work with our mental, emotional and physical bodies which allows this energy to rise.


What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is both silent meditation and pure action. This yoga is good for your body and mind, and help you to get the challenge of life to give you new energy to make new forces. Working with this energy is a new trend in the modern world, but is based on experiences of a centuries-old tradition. Yoga has been a regular part of daily life for millions of people around the world. In all countries and all levels of society, Yoga is used as a method to live life in a very individual and personal way to enrich and widen. In this case, yoga means Hatha Yoga, a form that, due to its rather static and quiet execution, leaves a certain need unfulfilled for some people. Kundalini Yoga is a worthwhile adventure! Especially when many people have difficulty to find a goal, to orientate and provides the holistic concept of this yoga in a meaningful way, and that is still just as current today as it was 2500 years ago.

The picture shows how the Kundalini rises.


The Kundalini snake is most often described as a red, pulsating snake of light, that climbs up into our physical body. This Energy has first described that way in ancient Vedic and Tantric writings. These writings, the oldest in the world, state that the Kundalini snake curled up at the base of the spine is asleep - at the level of the coccyx - until it is awakened. Same as the picture above. The Kundalini awakens and, he climbs up along different energy channels that are part of our energetic anatomy. Energy is vibrating information, and the Kundalini brings the energy of the body, mind, and soul in a movement. It moves initially up through energy channels that run along our spine 'named Nadis.

Energy channels (Nadis)


While the Kundalini climbs up, the seven chakras will be activated. (Figure below). Energy centers that also activated along the spine as a link between body and mind. On his way up, Kundalini must pass three nodes or 'Granthi's, like locks in a canal or river. In these nodes are certain life lessons (Figure above). The Kundalini can only follow his way after we unlock the Granthis on the right 'code' which shows that we have learned the lessons. These often relate to issues from the past, which is stored in our chakras and form blockades there. Taking off our divine light can considerably be obstructed. As our chakras are activated, we must allow emotions, question ideas, and even face physical problems we have ignored. This energy is our ally, and if the darkness is driven out with the help of light we can only emerge better and happier from the battle. By opening blocked nadis, being open to the lessons that are included in our granthis, and activate our chakras, we become aware of hidden problems. Being physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or psychically and we can tackle them. The rise of Kundalini can cause physical reactions as heat, cold, tingling, and shivers. It can also have all kinds of other consequences, such as spiritual rapture, mixed feelings, the desire to live differently, or the development of unsuspected talents, for example, different work and strong clairvoyance. Kundalini can become unexpectedly active, but we can also promote the process with targeted based on Eastern and Western yoga exercises, with which we step up Kundalini step by step.


What Kundalini yoga can do for you?


How mysterious, elusive, and sublime Kundalini may be, it exists to be used. It is a force that in daily life supposed to be serving our health, our relationships, and our work. It is a divine light that aims to ease your path with everything you are going to do. It unites all the parts which you exist and connects you to all living beings. This is a small example of what can happen after activating Kundalini and what positive effects it can have:

  • A desire for healthier lifestyles
  • Embracing of sexual energy and the force that therein lies
  • Developing more self-control
  • The ability to temptations to turn it into a positive act
  • Solving old problems
  • A chance to show integrity
  • Spiritual awareness
  • An enormous self-confidence
  • A heightened awareness of bodily needs, for example in sexuality and nutrition
  • Reinforced paranormal abilities
  • Union with the divine

This allows us to be much more capable. It is the energy that gurus use to heal the sick and to reduce their body temperature. It is the force that the aborigines call, to heal broken bones, and to follow sports in a wind-ravaged desert. We all have this energy. The ancient knowledge is hidden deep within us, we need to take advantage of this innate ability. We just need insight into Kundalini to get to the door between heaven and Earth. And if we do, then we will pick the fruits.

The story of Kundalini from heaven


The story of Kundalini starts on a mountain, in the Indus Valley, in the North-West of India, where Hindu insights about kundalini originate. This is the place where the divine itself in four different eras to humanity has revealed important knowledge. The people from the first era, ’the golden age’, grateful applied that knowledge in their daily life.

They understood what it meant to live like a divine being in a human body.There was no disease, grief, or suffering and it knew no shame regarding love, sexuality, and the joys of life. Life was good. This divine light, flowed unhindered through all people and connected them with their divine self and the all-encompassing Divine.

Then the problems started. The people forgot their innate goodness, what was the beginning of the silver age. While the people kept aware of their divine origin, but their look became clouded. The divine just smiled, as the father of a naughty child, and took a different shape. From the holy mountain, again he carried the forgotten knowledge to humanity. The people who embraced the knowledge had a good life. Unfortunately, not everyone listened to the divine message, and it didn't take long for the truth about the divinity of man was rejected by everyone. Again a dark period broke, and with that, the Bronze Age began.

The divine sighed deeply and donated the mankind for the third time the insight that the body is a sacred temple for divine light. But this time it went even worse off: the darkness was deeper than ever and love gave way to fear. The divine looked sad, waiting for a moment when he could transfer the knowledge one more time. That moment was the beginning of the fourth age, the era in which we live and that the iron or Kali era is named (a 432,000-year period of spiritual development that should not be confused with the prehistoric iron age). This time the knowledge was given to wise men who were called rishis. The divine knowledge that we need in our modern, restless existence began to be transmitted to ordinary people. Not everyone can understand this knowledge, but everyone who strives for health, longevity, harmony with themselves and with the world around them, to understand, feel their existence in this universe meaningful, can go through this path of knowledge, start work with their body, feelings, emotions, and desires.

The language of Kundalini


To be able to sing our unique song, we need to understand not only our inner language but also spiritual instructions and communication with the people around us. It is not surprising that the first knowledge about Kundalini is recorded in Sanskrit, the most complete and perhaps also the holiest language from history.

Sanskrit is the oldest known systematic language in the world. It is also the language of ancient Hinduism. References to this language have been found from tribes in the eighth century BC. This is long before it was used to write the Vedic, Tantric, and Vedantic writings - the first texts in which kundalini is mentioned - and to write the other classical literature of the Indian subcontinent. The comprehensiveness of Sanskrit is no other language equaled. NASA has Sanskrit even acknowledged as the only language in the world without ambiguities.

Every sound has its meaning and nuance, which makes it possible to describe even the smallest details. The Sanskrit word Kundalini is dissected as follows:

  • KH = A dot (black stone) cavity, opening (sometimes symbolized by the vagina), Bowl: the yoni as a symbol of the feminine.
  • U = the moon that calls the sun.
  • N = Gulf = (in the sea), ebb, and flow of consciousness.
  • DH = Virtue, merit.
  • A = go inside, turn into itself: the feminine side of the first sound (' sruti ') from which all words are formed and all life arises, as a double act.
  • Li = Attach, hold, cradles, pulsing, vibrate waving, vibrate.
  • N = Lotus (plant), the primeval mother, seed, naked.
  • I = Spreading (ideas or consciousness), penetration, grow, evolve.

The important aspects of Kundalini come forward in building the name. Starting with the letter K and ending with the letter I, this name shows us our appearance and development in this universe. The whole mysticism of our existence consists of the absolute development of our soul to an infinite union with our higher Self or the Absolute. This is a very powerful energy that is with us from our conception to our death and helps us be strong, healthy, wise, and live in harmony with our soul and body.

Kundalini yoga for everyone


Kundalini yoga can be integrated very easily into everyday life. You can break a busy daily schedule with it, and take the time to breathe. However, you can also take a very concentrated and focused break to relax and activate your energy. This yoga turns negative into positive energy. It helps you to find more peace within and to be open to everything with the joy of life. It is an effective and simple technique for training the body and mind.

Whether you are young or old, large or small, heavy or light, trained or untrained: everyone can easily adjust the exercises to their level and use them to strengthen specific muscles – (for example back muscles). In case of complaints (for example, from the intestines), as support for general health - (immune system, lungs and breathing capacity etc.) and for the general improvement of the quality of life (eg. for more rest). In this way you can stay fit and active until you are older.

Health consciousness, exercise, and relaxation


The advantages to Kundalini yoga are powerful exercises that, when repeated often, strengthen endurance and perseverance. They give strength and create a routine - a routine that distracts attention from the physical effort and focuses concentration via the mind. The mind is a focusing tool and not who we really are.

The physical exercises are completed with movement and mantra meditations, which stimulate concentration, inner stability, and tranquility. The sound changes have a stimulating effect on the body and the repetition of songs and mantras calms the mind.

It leads to a state of inner silence and clarity, creating room for insight. You are better able to observe yourself, without judgement. You will feel your potentials, capacities and real needs. Finally, recognising the deeper meaning of life.

This yoga makes you flexible because it trains all your muscles, keeps your body and brain fit, and opens your awareness. It puts health consciousness in the foreground as more and more people live externally and are less aware of themselves. Society is characterized by too many stimuli, performance-oriented thinking, and chronic lack of time. Simultaneously, physical movement and psychic flexibility are lacking.

Whether a person feels healthy and vital depends on how free and abundant his life energy flows. It is therefore very important that you do everything to ensure that the energy can flow through your body unhindered: this is the goal of both Western and Eastern naturopathy and traditional Asian movement techniques.

Kundalini yoga helps by combining exercises, breathing and meditation, detoxifying the whole body and hence stimulating the integrity of all systems! Kundalini yoga can be used as a preventative, a treatment or to support.

Kundalini yoga exercises strengthen the muscles, stimulate and promote their elasticity, and make the spine straight. They ensure that the circulatory system and the lymphatic system can better maintain the organs due to the ongoing muscle movement. Exercises are even organ specific and could be described as an inner massage. The massage effect is especially important for the endocrine system of glands, lymph, and veins.

Detoxify the body


The functioning of the intestines and the other digestive organs are also supported. Muscles and joints are stripped of deposits through the exercises. In Kundalini yoga, after each phase of physical exertion, a rest phase follows. The relaxation and peaceful phase after the exercises serves among other things to give the excretory organs (skin, lungs, kidneys, and intestines) the time to process the waste that has been put into circulation.

The philosophy of Kundalini yoga is concerned with the virtues of man and accompanies him on his way to a self-determined personality. It should help in the often busy daily life to make the step towards inner peace. It helps to interrupt daily life and daily thoughts. Through the training of conscious breathing to strengthen and stretch the diaphragm, the body opens up to new energies. This makes it more resistant to diseases and pressure. This facilitates the willingness to relax, whereby inner blockages are released and the life energy (prana) can flow through the body again. This makes it possible for the mind to connect to the meaning of life. Body, mind, and soul form a unity, the boundaries disappear. This helps to let go of worries and tensions, to fully relax and concentrate, to be one with yourself and the world. If the relaxation feels like a pleasant ride in the flow of time, you are in harmony with life and yourself.