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The root chakra (Muladhara)

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The first chakra is also known as the basic Centre, and is located on the lower end of the spine, the tail bone, сonnected with adrenal glands. This chakra is the key to more financial prosperity, better self-awareness and better physical health. We receive things not only because Kundalini allows us to let go of fears that stand in the way of our primary needs, but it also strengthens the auric field, attracting what we need. As our insecurities disappear, our life force grows, personal relationships become closer and your sex life gets a more satisfying character. Our adrenal glands are less stressed and we are less susceptible to problems with bowel movements and unhealthy addictions. The opening of this chakra stands for full awareness of our right to exist, acceptance of our body and the physical world, and - ironically - the insight that people are more important than material things.


Gifts from the first chakra: relate to the ability to move in the material needs of others. By climbing Kundalini you can gain insight into your own concrete needs and those of other people. For example, it is possible that you decide to change jobs, or start another financial course.

Properties: it is associated with trust, steadfastness and joy of life and helps man to have confidence in the earth (primal trust), rather than in oneself (selfconfidence) and then in the invisible.

Physical effects: it is associated with the pelvic floor, colon and rectum with functions such as digestion. The sense of smell is addressed by the root chakra.

Disorders: blockades express themselves in fear and distrust. Physically, this occurs in intestinal diseases, lower back pain, weak bones and fluctuations in blood pressure. When the first chakra is in balance and harmonizes with the previous chakras: you have the feeling that you have a well-founded life base. You show a lot of perseverance, even under unfavorable conditions, through your positive inflexibility and loyalty. You can easily accept the necessary and respond in the right way. You are supported in learning processes, making it possible to influence daily habits, for example breathing. Your basic needs are fulfilled (urge for self-preservation) and your material basis is guaranteed.

This way you can strengthen the chakra!

Food selection: eating problems often arise from an urge for self-protection. It is good for this chakra to eat together with others. Choose foods with an earthy and protective character, such as root crops, edible and medicinal mushrooms, red crops and products rich in proteins and minerals.

In everyday life: sport, lots of fresh air, foot massages, walking barefoot, nature awareness, working in the garden, rhythmic music (drumming): red clothing, objects and flowers.

Smell: cloves, rosemary, ginger, Vetiveria zizanoides, cedar, cypress.

In the yoga: the singing of the sound OE, standing posture and bending over: all that has an effect on feet, knees, legs, pelvis, lower back and tailbone: Sat kriya.