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The fourth chakra (Anahata)

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The fourth chakra is also known as the heart chakra, and located in the centre of the chest at heart level, сonnected with Thymus. The fourth chakra is located near the heart, the center of love belonging to granthi and problems on the relational level come to light.


Gifts from the fourth chakra: focus around the heart, which means that they relate to relationships. An open heart chakra makes healing of yourself and others possible.

Properties: the heart chakra reinforces our need for love, security and togetherness. Essential characteristics are kindness and forgiveness. This chakra encourages us to more poetry, virtue, loyalty and joy of life, especially in relationships. It manifests itself in an ability to enter into relationships and a sense of belonging. Love and respect for animals and plants are also strengthened by this chakra.

Physical effects: under special influence of the fourth chakra are the heart, the lower part of the lungs and the whole blood circulation. The skin is directly related to this area. The sense of touch is addressed by the belly button chakra.

Disorders:if the center is blocked, man is unloving and bitter. He is closed to his environment, has trouble with contacts and is lonely. Circulatory disorders and lung diseases occur. When the fourth chakra is in balance and harmonizes with the other chakras: you are then characterized by sympathy with others, a lot of understanding and tolerance. You find it easy to be responsible for others. Your cordiality ensures harmony and humanity.

This way you can strengthen the chakra!

Food selection: sometimes we give more than we receive, and we eat to restore the balance. If we share food with others in a loving, equal way, it is beneficial for our health. The fourth chakra flourishes when we show gratitude during dinner, donate to food banks and prepare our food with love. Foods that strengthen love and compassion are vegetables, raw vegetables, crops that are rich in leaf green and other green crops.

In everyday life: pamper yourself, go into nature a lot: to give others and sympathize with all living things: green and red clothing, objects, flowers and interior.

Smell: rose, jasmine, tarragon, cardamom.

In the yoga: the singing of the vowel A, back bending, twisting, exercises for shoulders, thoracic vertebrae, arms and hands: exercises for heart and blood vessels, for example the sun salutation.