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The fifth chakra (Vishuddha)

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The neck - or throat chakra is also called the chakra of communication and is located at the bottom of the neck on the throat at the level of the thyroid gland, сonnected with Thyroid. The fifth chakra, which is situated in the throat, influences our communicative skills. Kundalini sheds light on negative and destrucitve views that come in through the back of this chakra. This allows us to adjust the ideas that have been imposed on us by our parents and society, bringing us closer to ourselves, expressing our needs and listening to others better. This new consciousness has a beneficial influence on the throat, the neck, the jaw and the teeth.


Gifts from the fifth chakra: have to do with communication. On the paranormal level, for example, they include the ability to accept spiritual help, channeling and automatic writing. Kundalini strengthens these gifts so that we can access higher spiritual principles and divine wisdom that we can share with others in an oral, written or musical way.

Properties: through this chakra we can express our feelings and thoughts better. It is the gateway to a higher awareness and trains the perception of the inner voice. It counts as the center of truth.

Physical effects: this chakra is directly connected to the spinal cord, the thyroid gland and the nervous system. The fifth chakra affects the entire upper part of the lungs, for example the bronchial tubes, as well as body parts such as the trachea, esophagus, neck, neck muscles, cervical spine, jaws and ears. The hearing and the entire organ of speech are controlled by this chakra.

Disorders:blockades express themselves in difficulty in putting feelings and thoughts into words and coming out for their own opinion. They express themselves in the form of hoarseness, problems in the shoulders and neck and disorders of the thyroid gland. When the fifth chakra is in balance and harmonizes with the other chakras: if the throat-head center is well balanced, then you have a very verbal and nonverbal communication capacity. You think and speak honestly, clearly and accurately. This way you can strengthen the chakra.

This way you can strengthen the chakra!

Food selection: this chakra is the place where our food enters our body, and also the energy center that is connected to our talk and breathing. It becomes unbalanced if we do not make clear food choices or do not consciously deal with our food. Eat carefully, chew carefully and avoid distraction to create optimal conditions for the fifth chakra. Concentrate on your food. Foods that contribute to communication and sincerity are sea vegetables, soups, sauces, juices and fruit.

In everyday life: music voice exercises, writing, light blue clothing, objects, flowers and interior.

Smell:eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint, cream chamomile, manuka.

In the yoga: the singing of the vowel D, back bending and backward posture (such as the camel, exercise, exercises for the cervical spine and neck.