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The seventh chakra (Sahasrara)

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The crown or skull chakra is located in the middle of the skull and is also seen as the gateway to the universe, connected with Epiphysis. The seventh chakra is in the crown and is connected to a higher consciousness. This chakra, the seat of our soul and the gateway to the Divine and consciousness of our deepest desires. It is now possible to cure headaches, mental illnesses, insomnia and nervous disorders, and confusion disappears.


Gifts from the seventh chakra: is connected with spiritual talents. These ensure prior to the awakening of Kundalini to spiritual awareness, or awareness of Divine Presence, and make it possible to estimate the consciousness and integrity of others. When the female Kundalini in this chakra comes together with the male energy, these gifts increase in strength. They can be described as prophetic, the ability to express God's mission on earth.

Properties: this is the chakra of higher knowledge and spiritual perfection. The most important characteristic is the humility that fills us when we bow to infinity. (That is one of the reasons why so many traditions know how to bow.) The chakra stands for the recognition of and the trust in God and the enlightenment

Physical effects: this chakra is directly connected to the large brain. Except for the pineal gland (epifyse) it is not specifically directed to an organ. However, it has a protective effect on the whole body. It controls the nutritional and temperature management of the body and is responsible for the sleep - wake rhythm.

Disorders:blockades manifest themselves in a weakened immune system, nervous disorders and problems with sleeping in and through. You are connected to the material world. A sense of lack, emptiness and dullness is accompanied by psychic exhaustion. When the seventh chakra is closed, it leads to elemantary fears, such as the fear of death. When the seventh chakra is in balance and harmonizes with the other chakras: if your crown chakra is in balance, you have spiritual understanding for the highest level of perception. There is deep inner peace - and eventually enlightenment.

This way you can strengthen the chakra!

Food selection: this is the center of connectedness, which is pure meaning of the essence. Eating is a divine act. By choosing food that connects body, mind and soul, you underline the function of the seventh chakra: union of all aspects of our being with the Divine. Choose foods that connect with sun and moonlight, clean air and unconditional love, and that fit in with your own standards system.

In everyday life: bending, enjoying views, magenta-colored clothing, objects, flowers and interior.

Smell:incense, rosewood, orange blossom.

In the yoga: singing the mantra 'Om', the cosmic sound: headstand, gong meditation, concentration on the tip of the nose. Sat kriya.