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The eighth chakra (Aura)


The eighth Chakra is the aura or brahmaloy. In it, the effects of all other chakras are combined. The energy center of the aura surrounds the entire physical body. It can be perceived consciously or unconscious by others and even photographed with modern technology. One can see the aura as the energy envelope surrounding all others chakras.

Properties: the feeling that arises from the environment is connectedness - it is interwoven with the entire universe. If the environment is strong, negative influences are automatically filtered out.

Physical effects: in the eighth cahkra, the feeling of being and the direct connection with the invisible world arises in humans.

Disorders:blockades express themselves in diseases because they are vulnerable to all negative influences. When the eighth chakra is in balance and harmonizes with the other Chakras. A balanced eighth chakra allows direct access to your inner self and a space-filling presence to the outside. If the other Chakras are surrounded by a strong field, then that improves their effect. If the eighth Chakra is well developed - and that happens only after the development of the seventh - then your presence alone seems to have an effect and your environment automatically fulfills your wishes and needs.

This way you can strengthen the chakra!

In everyday life: yogic lifestyle serene stilt, white clothing, objects, flowers and interior.

Smell:no odors are assigned to the eighth chakra.

In the yoga: breathing exercises and meditation arm exercises, archer and triangular exercises.